Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's Gone and so is The Boy

Six fifteen AM....two huge suitcases backpack with ticket in hand....

...She's off....and safely landed....across the ocean....to her new home for the next year!

Eric, Boy, Jake and Alex-Hold Tight!
And this boy, he's in Chicago...Milwaukee tomorrow...then Minneapolis, Omaha, Kansas City, St Louis, Nashville, Ashville and home to Richmond....Pop Punking across the country...our traveling kids!
Wish we were with them!


  1. Ahhhh..... Parting is such sweet sorrow! I've been there and back :) It's so great to know that they are off on a wonderful, enriching experience. But ... so darn quiet around the house!

  2. Oh, Dee! Don't they look grown up and independent and.... Gone. You've raised a great pair of kids, y'know that? Look at them both. What a compliment to you to have them as your offspring!