Thursday, August 5, 2010

UKs Newest Resident, Meet n' Greet with a New Bloggie Friend and I'm a Winner...Sort of...

The girl and her pal Jen
She sent a test picture to hubby's phone when she arrived....
I think she's happy to be there!

I miss her but lucky for me the next day I met one of my bloggie heros, Amy of Diary of a Quilter! Her blog was one of the first I found last year when I started all this internet surfing and I have learned a lot from her. Lucky for me her in-laws live nearby and luckier for me she was visiting all the way from Utah on a day I needed to shift my mind elsewhere! Our first stop was an adorable LQS...

...then Amy took me to this amazing Antique Emporium in Frederick, MD that I didn't even know was there and I only live 40 minutes away...oh yes...I will go back often! Amy's big find of the day was the hex quilt top there on the right...reminds her of a top her grandma made...she took a better photo so I hope she post it!:)
There were a lot of lovelies there...
...including a lot of dishes in amazing colors....
...the vendors do a great job of staging their wares and of course being in a building in Old Town Frederick adds to the charm. Can you believe I didn't buy anything? I was just to busy chatting and getting to know Amy better to really concentrate!;)
I did find a few things at the fabric store in the sale the tree fabric but I loved meeting Amy better...and you will too if you go visit her fantastic blog!
I sure hope we don't have to wait another year to see each other again. was amazing to finally meet you...thanks for helping me through the first day sans Maria...I'd say someone was looking out for me!;)
Remember last week I told you about Scott Kelby's 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk? Remember that I told you there were about 1,111 walks around the world and that each city will be represented by one photo from that particular walk? Well guess whose photo is representing Leesburg, VA....yep, mine!:) I mean I don't win anything but wow what an honor! Now there will be voting because there is a People's Choice award and 10 honorable mentions and Mr. Kelby will pick the overall winner....I have no illusions about winning anything but I sure would like to have a few votes!!:) I think only people that did the walk can vote...oh well!:) If you want to see the other photos from Leesburg click here and my sis who did the walk in Yorktown blogged about it here and here!:)
Lastly but surely not least, I am once again participating in Doll Quilt Swap 9...WhooHOoo!:) Above are a couple of piles of fabrics I put out there to see what my secret partner might like and a sketch of the quilt I might make....
Well, these are the fabrics I'm working with and some of the squares I may's decision time!


  1. How did you get that picture off the phone?? this made my day, I love that pic!

    And congrats on the picture, that's pretty fanfreakentastic.

  2. I'm so glad you had a nice outing to cheer you up - and what an amazing shop!!!! Isn't it nice to meet internet friends (my meeting with Beapraw Jo, Karen(scosmos) and Marg went brilliantly!)

    Huge congrats on your photo success!! It's a great image!

  3. THat sounds like a wonderful day for sure and you look mighty skinny lady. Did you make goal?

  4. Your pictures are so fantastic! I think I should trade in my camera for one like yours!! (Although I think I look kind of scary - I guess the humidity was affecting me more. :)

    That was so much fun - I am so glad things worked out so well. You are a blast to be with!!

    Have a great weekend.

  5. Such a lovely post! So nice to see you! So many wonderful stories! I love it when internet friends get to meet each other! Glad to hear you had a busy day to keep your mind off The Girl for a bit! Such a lovely emporium, so beautiful and filled with promises of a perfect find. Love the fabrics for the quilt and those squares are ... 3.5 inches? If you don't use them for DQS maybe the bitty block could do a swap w/ that pattern. Hmmmmm :)