Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bonfires, Stripey Tiger and a Tour!

You want me to put what in that little wagon and take it all the way down where?! Um...there has to be an easier way. Dear Hubby...can't we use your sashing?....Your strapping?...Your binding thingies? Dear Hubby's response...."This is not quilting!":) But he thought it was a good idea.
It's March....lots of Spring cleaning needs to happen in the yard, especially after the huge heavy wet snows we have had this winter. My little wagon just isn't going to cut it so I thought of the straps hubby had in his truck....pile up the clippings all facing the same direction.....
...tighten the ratchets...attach it to the back of the truck....
....and drive it away! Away to the world's largest....
...burn pile!!! So Dana...think that would be a good bonfire?:)
Those tall branches are what broke off of our crepe myrtles...so sad!
After a bit of outside time I had a date with my sewing machine. My folks asked if I could make a couple of lap quilts for their Relay for Life team's May Silent Auction....do you think this one is a good start?:)
Gotta love Crazy nine patch using Stripey Tiger!:)
On the tour front the boy's band Hold Tight! is playing around the northeast. Are they coming to your town?
PS...like my new header? Was stopped by a flagman down the road from where we live...have always wanted to take this photo....couldn't have posed those cows any better!!:)


  1. Wow! He's going to be here in Orlando in July! Love those cows!

  2. Was wondering what you were up to. Now I know. Good for you getting some sewing time! I miss ya and let me know when to bring the marshmellows.

  3. *guffaws* Your bonfire is about the size of my garden!!! LOVE the quilt top and the coos!

  4. Hey! LOVE the new header! Like the crazy nine patch, too. The band is coming to Charlotte in May and Asheville in June :)

  5. I hope your husband appreciated your good sense - coming up with the 'tying up' idea! Lovely photo of youe son too!

  6. that will be a monster of a bonfire for sure!! wish I could make smores with you there! :)