Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catfish to Cat Butt...Oh My!

She did it...the girl succumbed to the world of Tweeting! A couple of years ago Maria and her pal Nicole started Catfish Productions on Facebook...the start of their entertainment media company....and the stuff they put on it is pretty entertaining!!:) Now Catfish has hit the world of Twitter and would love for you to join them in the fun.

Embroidery from a bag I made Nicole!:)
Not only is Catfish on Twitter...Maria is too. You can read about her caving here! I'm not creative enough to tweet in 140 characters or less!

I played on the sewing machine yesterday....

...made this grocery bag dispenser...thought my folks needed one to replace the yellow plastic bag they have hanging on the back of their laundryroom door. I found the tutorial on DIY Bag lover. It's a great site...all KINDS of bags!:)

Made this mini using the scraps from my Stripy Tiger Crazy 9 Patch....I call it... Cat Butt.....because that's all that was left of the tiger!

I love this little wonky mug rug...I think it's a keeper!

Now I have over 300 two inch HSTs waiting for me....ugh!



  1. Sorry about the words on the side of the mini photo....couldn't fix it for the life of me and I need to go to bed!

  2. Thats a lot of little HST's! Can't wait to see what they'll go into. :)

  3. Love all your little projects and can't wait to see what you do with those teeeny, tiiiny HSTs!

    Maria is such a cool girl! I just followed Catfish productions on Twitter. I accidentally followed Maria first but then thought she might think she has a middle-aged stalker.