Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Using my Hands....

....folding fabric that went to Nicole who has organized a flickr group to make quilts for Japan. There is a great need for twin and full sized quilts and many people here in the US that are trying to fill that need.
Nicole's Quilt Blocks for Charity is one of the many groups of lovely folks trying to help out... it really is a small world. If you have fabric/batting or some orphan blocks you no longer need they would love to have them!
Using my hands to work on my mystery quilt...eight clues finished....
...two more clues til the big reveal...but that won't be for two more months!
Using my hands at work (Webfabrics)...cutting 77 new bolts of Kaffe reprints...I was in heaven! Go visit our Facebook page....April Fool's Day is going to be a doozy!:)
Last but definitely not least...using my hands to eat this lovely plate of goodies...I do love birthday long as they aren't mine!:)



  1. Yum to both the dessert and the Kaffe!

  2. Gosh those Kaffe Fabrics look so good, what a nice job you have! Great shout out for quilts for Japan too.

  3. Your hands have been busy! Thanks for the plug! I can't wait to start assembling some of these quilts!

    Love your job....I would love to be there touching all that lovely fabric too!

    And...that mystery quilt is awesome!