Thursday, July 28, 2011

Skull Auction....ends today!

I can't believe I forgot to post about this last week!!! This auction is on ebay and all the proceeds goes to Becky Lee Women's Support Fund which raises awareness and prevents dating and domestic violence through education, support, referrals, and life skills trainings.

My square is the John Lennon with lightening bolt on the lower left!;)

These quilt squares were all donated by artist from all over the world for the First Annual Skull Appreciation Day that was in Richmond, VA last month. You can see more about Skull-a-Day by clicking that button on the right. After the exhibit all the quilts have been put up for auction and for seven of them the auction ends today!
Tomorrow the last 6 will go up for auction and this is one of square is the one in the lower right....both of my skulls were made with glow in the dark fabric!;) This is the only wall hanging that has six squares! Isn't it amazing?!!:)

So please...go check them out...there are some amazing pieces of cloth art going on and check out the Skull-a-Day website...Noah and crew have brought bones to a new level of coolness!:)


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  1. That sounds like a terrific cause but these would scare me too much! I hope you raise lots!