Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Using my Hands....

....folding fabric that went to Nicole who has organized a flickr group to make quilts for Japan. There is a great need for twin and full sized quilts and many people here in the US that are trying to fill that need.
Nicole's Quilt Blocks for Charity is one of the many groups of lovely folks trying to help out... it really is a small world. If you have fabric/batting or some orphan blocks you no longer need they would love to have them!
Using my hands to work on my mystery quilt...eight clues finished....
...two more clues til the big reveal...but that won't be for two more months!
Using my hands at work (Webfabrics)...cutting 77 new bolts of Kaffe reprints...I was in heaven! Go visit our Facebook page....April Fool's Day is going to be a doozy!:)
Last but definitely not least...using my hands to eat this lovely plate of goodies...I do love birthday long as they aren't mine!:)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Catfish to Cat Butt...Oh My!

She did it...the girl succumbed to the world of Tweeting! A couple of years ago Maria and her pal Nicole started Catfish Productions on Facebook...the start of their entertainment media company....and the stuff they put on it is pretty entertaining!!:) Now Catfish has hit the world of Twitter and would love for you to join them in the fun.

Embroidery from a bag I made Nicole!:)
Not only is Catfish on Twitter...Maria is too. You can read about her caving here! I'm not creative enough to tweet in 140 characters or less!

I played on the sewing machine yesterday....

...made this grocery bag dispenser...thought my folks needed one to replace the yellow plastic bag they have hanging on the back of their laundryroom door. I found the tutorial on DIY Bag lover. It's a great site...all KINDS of bags!:)

Made this mini using the scraps from my Stripy Tiger Crazy 9 Patch....I call it... Cat Butt.....because that's all that was left of the tiger!

I love this little wonky mug rug...I think it's a keeper!

Now I have over 300 two inch HSTs waiting for me....ugh!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bonfires, Stripey Tiger and a Tour!

You want me to put what in that little wagon and take it all the way down where?! Um...there has to be an easier way. Dear Hubby...can't we use your sashing?....Your strapping?...Your binding thingies? Dear Hubby's response...."This is not quilting!":) But he thought it was a good idea.
It's March....lots of Spring cleaning needs to happen in the yard, especially after the huge heavy wet snows we have had this winter. My little wagon just isn't going to cut it so I thought of the straps hubby had in his truck....pile up the clippings all facing the same direction.....
...tighten the ratchets...attach it to the back of the truck....
....and drive it away! Away to the world's largest....
...burn pile!!! So Dana...think that would be a good bonfire?:)
Those tall branches are what broke off of our crepe sad!
After a bit of outside time I had a date with my sewing machine. My folks asked if I could make a couple of lap quilts for their Relay for Life team's May Silent you think this one is a good start?:)
Gotta love Crazy nine patch using Stripey Tiger!:)
On the tour front the boy's band Hold Tight! is playing around the northeast. Are they coming to your town?
~d my new header? Was stopped by a flagman down the road from where we live...have always wanted to take this photo....couldn't have posed those cows any better!!:)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Exclamation Day!!!!!'s been a great day! First of all I finished a few things today one being this mini made out of the last scraps of Kaffe...'s wonky on purpose and I think it looks like an exclamation point so that's what I am going to call it. I think I want to give it to Maria's friend Beth...don't know why....I just think of Beth when I see it. Do you want it Beth?:)
Second....PIPS are in the the store!! We received a shipment of Sherbet Pips jelly rolls and charm packs by Aneela Hoey. This is Aneela's first fabric line and from all the buzz online I don't think it will be her last!:) Bolts won't come in until next month. I guess Moda just wants to get us excited so that's why we have to wait....teases! Decisions, decisions! lovely online pals over at Mini QT received their minis today so I can reveal them to you all. This "Dotty " themed mini went to Laney....she's new in the swapping game and I was tickled to be her partner this round! I think we are all ready to see some fireflies!:)
The other mini I had to make this round was 3D for my bud Amy. The felt birds hang off of the jinglebell apples which are also tumbling out of the basket while bead butterflies flit over beaded flowers. These were so much fun to make....thanks ladies for being such great partners.

Lastly, it was a great soft mail day pal Mandy sent me an extra 3.5" block for this round of bitty blocks....she said she was going to scrap it but remembered our sweetie Slate and thought maybe I could find a use for it.....You betcha Mandy!! I added some Max & Whiskers border and a leftover dotty star block on the back, ribbon drawstring and now I have a bag for the nano Don gave me for Christmas!:)
Like I said....Exclamation Day!!!