Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Patio redo fun!

While cleaning out my bag of leftover binding I decided on a new project!
(leftover bindings sitting on the new coverlet my folks gave me for an early bday present!)
The bindings across the top are big enough for future projects....the bindings underneath are made from smaller scraps soon to be joined to the ball in the middle and one day...one day...to be made into a rug!:)
  A little mini made from leftovers of PB&J now lives with Pam for correctly guessing about my new driveway project.  I still need to dig the other side!
One of the many quilt tops made from the Angled Frames tutorial is now a baby quilt heading to the UK
 This mini now lives in Oregon with Jodi.  Made for this month's Mini QT Swap...theme was "traditional"     pinwheel, log cabin or stacked coin.  I sort of went out of the traditional box with my stacked coin!
(Lousy photo taken at night!)
 There were a few extras in the package.  Those buttons have nine holes so you can make any letter of the alphabet on them!
Birch Trees....8"x 8.5".  I miss it!
Now for the patio redo...this is how it looked before.  Needed to be a little bigger since we put the chiminea there on the right.
Couple hours later then bench has been moved to the opposite side and hubby  has added a little low wall to hold back the dirt and those lighter colored flat stones to extend the patio.  Most of the flat stone was leftover granite countertop from remodel jobs laid shiny side down. Score!!
It might not look much bigger but we can put a couple more chairs there when we have a fire.  Old kids desk needs to be cleaned up and moved elsewhere...but that's the girl's next project...not mine!
Love, love, love Solomon's Seal in all stages of growth.   
It is a foot higher and blooming now!
On the way home Mother's Day weekend, after a lovely day with my parents and siblings, we stopped in Old Town Fredericksburg to stroll and check out all the little shops.
Of course the rare and used book store Riverby Books was the girl's favorite stop. 
 "Dad...this is how I want my bedroom to look...one day!"
In an antique store I found another future project!!



  1. I need to find a good use for left over binding - I have this habit of working out how much I need and then either running about 5 inches short or (ahem) making double what I need... oops!
    Love the little patio and the bookshop :-) And I should get a pic of my Angled Frames quilt - it is basted and ready to quilt, once I work out how to quilt it.

  2. Your patio is looking really good, it surprising just how much room we need for sitting in the sun. Those houses look like they are part of a film set, so pretty

  3. Always so busy!! I never did get my angled frames even started - must rectify that. Love that cute patio and agree about Solomon's Seal! One of my favourites and sadly mine has not survived this winter! Too wet, I think. :(

  4. Lovely patio setting and lots of chairs for quilting & binding or reading. The Birch Trees mini is fantastic, as always!

  5. That pottery chimney thing would be a great idea, we have so many branches from the Feb. 5th ice storm. we could have a fire all summer. Yum marshmallows!