Saturday, May 24, 2014

Second quarter finish II and a wrong finish!

Almost two months later I have finally made the boy his tie!  I bought a Simplicity pattern (A1745) to make the girl a vest and later noticed there was a pattern for a tie in the same envelope!
 So freaking easy!
 Hopefully it will work correctly. I'll let you know but the boy likes it so that's all that matters!  
So that is finish number two for this quarter of the Finish Along 2014! the wrong finish.
Along with the tie I was supposed to make a bag out of this fabric...
...but I grabbed this pile of fabric instead! Oops!
Oh well, I now have a finished bag for the Fall!
 It's a fairly simple pattern from Indigo Junction called Grids and Grommets.  I made one two years ago for our first trip to the UK and it was wonderful!
 This one is the smaller version.  I pulled the fabric from the freebie table at the Sew South last March.  
I think it's from IKEA.  
 It was leftover from the dufflebag  I made at the SS.  I love the colors and the fact that you can wear it 
cross-body for hands free!
Added three side pockets and a zipper pocket for my wallet.
(Don't mind my dark thread...I was too lazy to change it!)
There is also a secret pocket behind the zippy one that you don't notice from the top!:) 
Guess I need to get on that other bag....but right now I'm enjoying the greens from our garden...this is our fourth picking!:)


  1. Whoops!! What a great pattern though - thanks for that. And it is Ikea fabric, my sofa cushions used to be made of it!! It makes a really nice bag, you've such a good eye.

  2. I like your bag - the huge grommets are fabulous!

  3. Love the bag, not sure I am ready to make ties but again well done you on another finish. Veg from the garden is just the best x x

  4. Happy Birthday!!

    Guess what I LOVE....that bag!! ;)

  5. Love how you have you're own tie label, so very fun!

  6. Great bag and super fabrics! It was meant to be!

  7. Ha, no difference at all in those fabric piles ;o)