Friday, February 20, 2015

Pattern tester was I!!

Svetlana of S.O.T.A.K handmade put the call out for anyone interested in testing her latest pattern. I missed out on her first little pouch as it was December busy time but jumped at the chance to try this one...Lucky Me!! Introducing...the Lola Pouch!
Svetlana's patterns are so well written with charts showing your material and cutting needs.
                                                            Tons of great photos.
                          I'll admit here that this was the easiest pouch I have ever made AND...
....there is binding on the zipper!!!
Once you get all your pieces cut,  fusibles ironed on and bindings ironed you never have to leave your sewing machine until it is totally done and no hand stitching!!
 The pattern includes instructions for a 9"x 4" (2" deep) pouch and the larger 12"x 6.5" (4"deep)                            pouch.  Both very useful sizes but what's so very cool about this pattern is...
 ...I totally feel comfortable making it whatever size I want using various size zippers cause once you get the basic sewing technique down you can make it as wide or as tall as you want!!
  I think I could even make the bigger one a little taller and add straps for a truly cute bag!
Go visit Svetlana's blog and see the sweet, sweet pouches made by her and the other lucky tester....then buy the pattern!!!:)


  1. Those little bags look so cute and as you say you can make them for any occasion. I love the idea of pattern many times have we bought patterns that really don't work x x

  2. Lots of fun, I'm particularly partial to the mustangs

  3. your pouches look amazing. Thanks so much for testing the pattern for me, I really appreciate that. And how wonderful to hear you could make it in any size, that's exactly right. Enjoy :)

  4. They are great fabric choices, missus!

  5. Those are super cute, inside and out!!
    Happy Creating.