Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Long time no blog!

Wow...it's been a month since my last post! Been busy, busy, busy and we are trying to stay warm!! Quilting helps!:)
You have already seen the finished Polaroids quilt...I just added a little hand quilting to it but Dance Floor is today's highlight!!
 Dance Floor is from Dana Bolyard's Imagine Quilts. It's the third one I have made from the book having already finished Ampersand and made the zip it! that you see in the actual book!:)
I love the quilting! My pal and coworker Kathleen Imagined it all and it's perfection!
 Love, love, love the backing and the binding and of course the crinkly goodness!  You can see where I hand quilted around the larger Polaroids and tied in the middle of the smaller ones. I love that little extra texture!
(3.5" blocks)
 Was also sucked into another round of Bitty Blocks.  The theme was Folk Art....
(4.5"x 6.5" blocks)
 ...and post cards.  Just waiting to receive from my fellow swappers then I have to put my thinking cap on as to putting them together.
 Finish Along 2015 is still going strong....finished the two tops from the bag-o-strips.  Kathleen now has the two tops for quilting.  Even have the binding all ready!
 The main reason for not quilting those two tops is saving my hands to get the pickle dish finished.  One of the four sections is done...another pin basted.  Loving the wool batting!!
 Woke up to this and 6 degrees (-14.4 C)  Supposed to be colder tomorrow...see why we are trying to keep warm? We sure feel for our friends in New England since they have been getting record snow!!
But this is what has really kept me busy...would you like to hear the story of these 40 and counting Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks? It's really cute!!:)



  1. Love your quilts, but what do you do with them all? I hope they are not folded and kept in a cupboard. Bitty madness, but it's fun and that's what life is all about. Yes yes yes I want to hear the story of the hexes x x

  2. I hope you are keeping warm! Love the dance floor quilt, what a cool name! And the postcards are gorgeous :-)

  3. Glad to see you've been keeping busy!

  4. Your work is soooo awesome. Do you sell your quilts finished? I see something that was on Etsy but sold... Let me know. Cheers. nora904@yahoo.com