Monday, March 2, 2015

White Stuff

This is what we dealt with last weekend....

 This is what we dealt with this weekend....

At least this time we had help with the shoveling!
 Can you see the name of the Lane on our dirt road?:)


  1. Ha Ha! Maybe you should consider changing the name! I lived in Virginia for a while, and now in Kentucky. Both are what I consider "the south" -- what's with all the snow?!? Spring can't get here fast enough!

  2. Oh Dee you have had a lot of snow And cold weather, gooandd job we are now into March and officially winter has come to an end 😳 You certainly seem to be living in the correct lane.......

  3. Holy moly!! We had our first lying snow of the winter last night - we got 3 inches.*g* And it seems to be thawing already! That last photo is great - you are both so cute all rosy cheeked!

  4. Pretty much looks like where I live! So ready for Spring!