Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Pickle Dish is DONE!!

Actually the pattern is called Matrimony but I think each block is called a pickle dish!
It's huge I tell you....huge...70" x 93"!! 
After machine piecing the arcs the rest was all appliqued and hand quilted. 
 Because it was so big I made four sections (3x4 blocks) and quilted each section.
 Wool batting was so much fun to use. It was a little thick on the pickle dishes because I didn't trim away the backs but inside the star shape made by four dishes...super smooth going in and out with the needle!
Sewing two sections together, whipstitching the backing then repeat made working on this monster very doable!
 Look at how nice and puffy it is!
 Love the big chunky quilting. Used some DMC Cebelia thread purchase on clearance at a little shop in Gloucester several years ago.  Didn't know it was for crochet!
 It is twice as thick as size 8 pearl cotton. 
Pulled colors based on the guitar/banjo backing! I will be using wool batting again but first have to try silk then green!!:)
(Need something for that bare wall!)
This was the last finish for the first quarter of the 2015 Finish Along. 
Nothing like getting it done on the last day! 


  1. That quilt it AWESOME! I am not asking for it, I promise. But if it's not already taken, you should give it to Peter, esp with the instruments on back. That is IF it's his style. ha. I mean, it is very earthy. =)

  2. Wow! What a lot of work, but so rewarding as its turned out beautiful..well done

  3. Dee I absolutely LOVE THIS! What gorgeous quilt. You did a super job and got me thinking about wool batting. Sounds cozy :)

  4. Awesome quilt - and setting for your photos. Something like this is on my never ending to do list.

  5. This is gorgeous and I love how you styled your photos!