Thursday, March 26, 2015

To honor my pops!

My friend Renelda wrote a quilt book.
From Ensign's Bars to Colonel's Stars is the first in a series called
Making Quilts to Honor Those Who Serve.
Not only has Renelda written a book with patterns it also tells the story of her 25 years in the military.
She put a call out...any one interested in making a quilt from the book...that might be IN the book?
 Oh yes, oh yes, pretty please?!:)  Which one do you want me to make and what colors?
How about LT's Platoon and how about pink, grey and black? OK!

I'm a military kid and proud of it.
(page from the book)
To tell a small bit of  pop's story in a book was an honor.
 I can't wait for the next book.
It's about NCOs....non-commissioned officers.
 I'm looking forward to making the TSgt's quilt!!:)
For my pops!!
Oh yeah...these photos where taken in August 2013...looking forward to those leaves!!


  1. Love the quilt Dee, and did wonder about what seemed a big change in your weather....but carried on reading, and saw this was taken a while back, but it is all lovely.....quilt and reminder that warm weather is on its way.

  2. You were born in Alaska?! That is so cool. No pun intended. *g* I'd be very interested in the next book, too. Having an ex-Gunner spouse!