Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stack of Love

Getting them done tooooo close to the end of the first 2015 Finish Along!
Fifth more to go!!
This is that zippy bag of fun strips.
(This is what it actually looks like in Virginia!)
 Very colorful....not quite what the kiddies like but....
 ...I think they will like that all the strips represent their childhood.
 Hers has a red binding and his is purple.
 This block represents dad.
 This one is me...those are sewing machines above the gardening block!:)
 My pal Kathleen did the quilting and put a music note on the boy's quilt...
 ...a book on the girl's! Awesome!
 See...just fun stuff.  Music, bikes, Batman, Superman, Thomas the Tank Engine, Goodnight Moon...
... London, Dr Seuss, Golden Books, the beach...
...Star Wars, Paddington, The Hulk, Wolverine, Spidey, dinosaurs, elephants....on and on.
The story of our kids!


  1. Clever quilts! What a nice way to honor the "growing up" years!

  2. You are going great guns on the finishes! I like the story in the quilts. I made five quilt tops in January and still don't have all five quilted, bound and finished yet!

  3. Wow you've been busy! Such gorgeous, special quilts and love the photos too :-)

  4. All nice finishes but I especially like these two quilts. They are full of memories, as all really scrappy quilts are. Great for your children.