Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Different way to applique...at least for me!

My boss went to Amsterdam meeting up with one of our loyal online customers.  This lady does amazing hand work...in fact she will have a quilt in Quilt Mania soon and I don't think it's the first time!  She showed Carly how she prepares her bits for hand stitching....a tracing wheel and a piece of leather! 
 (I used a piece of pleather...worked fine.)
Carly knows I love to do handwork and not only showed me this new way but bought me a lovely wooden handled tracing wheel. All you do is trace your pattern piece on the wrong side of the fabric and the edges curl up....turning under so easily!
 Makes appliqueing a few leaves for a baby quilt a snap!:) 
 Used some of the Chenille-It to add the wee ones initials and embroidered the year to the left.
 Now our girl needs to send it to her friends in Canada!:)
Set the last quilt top hanging in the closet free...now it is basted awaiting hand quilting.  
It's just too hot right now!
But the temperature is perfect for peppers!


5th finish of the 3rd quarter.  The List.


  1. What a brilliant idea!! Where do I get one of those cute rollers?? I need one and so do my students!! I have been appliqueing leaves too - check out the 'recently on Instagram' bit at the top of my blog to see a photo! xx

    1. Here in the US you can get a plastic handle one from Dritz. My wooden handled one (which is sooooo nice) was purchased in Amsterdam but came from Japan!:)

      Love your leaf wreath...will have to remember that for a Christmas project!:)

  2. Oh goodness that pattern wheel is almost out of the Ark. I used to have one to transfer markings from patterns onto fabric with a carbon type paper. I wonder where my one ended up, may have to see if it's still hanging around somewhere. Your veggies look good too.

    1. It is similar but this is a smooth wheel...not serrated.

  3. Beautiful finish, and what a clever way to do applique!