Monday, August 24, 2015

Wood and Flowers

Sixth finish of the 3rd quarter is a small runner/wallhanging that came from a previous finish.
 The runner here was going to be too long if using all the parts so I saved out a bit. Hand quilted it trying to make a wood grain since the inspiration for this pattern was a set of stairs. Would have worked better if done on the sewing machine but still pretty cool. My bro-in-law liked it!:)
 Finally finished all the flowers but when putting them on the floor I didn't like how they looked AND it would barely be a lapsized quilt! Want it to be bigger. Not making more of those puppies so...
 ...fifty-four 10" squares were cut out of the leftover prints and Grunge solids. This will be so much easier than sewing all the flowers together...and versatile.  Fifty-two more to go!!
Fall is definitely in the air.  Blackberries are done. Tomato and pepper plants are waning.  
Time to clean out and plant Fall greens!

How is your garden doing?


  1. You are so busy at the moment! Great idea to applique the Grandmother's flowers to a background, and I just love the photo of the whole stack of hexy flowers!

  2. Beautiful handquilting on your little runner - another lovely piece of work!