Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Mania Challenge #10 Churndash

November's Challenge was nine Churndash blocks in whatever color you wanted finishing at twenty inches.  Well....I'm not very good at math.
I only needed 36 half square tringles, 4 for each block, to make the churndash.  I made 72!
I also didn't follow directions and finished at 20"x 24".
I think I will be forgiven.  I hope!
The reason for the bigger finish...
... four leftover glitter blocks from my Medley of Jen (Kingwell) quilt that I wanted to use!
 So....four churndash on top....four churchdash on the bottom....and one huge one around the glitter!:)
 A little bit of canvas on the back with another envelope opening....
     ...a new pillow for our bed....yep...this one is staying home!
Looking forward to the next challenge....especially since the due date is end of January!
Guess I need to do something with the other 36 blocks!
 Bought myself an early Christmas present and memory of the Houston Quilt awesome bearpaw block from the Classic Metal Company.  Now to figure out where to hang it!
Now on to the next finish!  
Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving....or just an awesome day!:)



  1. Your blocks are always so different ...... where do you get your ideas?? I love your block and it looks great on your bed, good idea making it into a cushion. That metal work bear paw is very special and will always remind you of your Houston trip, it will look good anywhere in your garden.

  2. I love your Churn Dash challenge project! Great use of leftover Jen Kingwell blocks! I bailed on this challenge as we were gone for much of November, then came home to Thanksgiving. Maybe I can play catch up in December and January!

  3. Another great idea with you Churn Dash blocks!
    The Bear Paw will be a lovely reminder of your trip to Houston, I brought back a lovely wooden quilt hanger when I was lucky enough to get to Paduccah - look at it every day and am reminded of a great trip xx

  4. I really love that you were so creative with the layout and the sizing. It's so hard for me to come up with ideas that are outside the box. Great job!