Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh Houston Quilt Fest 2015...you done me in!

The International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX was beyond a doubt
 an experience never to be forgotten!
Early mornings getting breakfast and meals/snacks for later in the day stretched our legs.
As did set up!  Boxes and boxes of yard cuts, fat quarters and bundles.  Was wondering if we would get it set up in time for preview.
But we did!  What a team and what an awesome looking booth!
Webfabrics.net  Fest team Pam, Nancy, Shop owner Carly, Cathy and myself 
in our new fushia aprons.
 (Circle window second from the right is where overhead shots were taken.)
Last minute instructions before the masses swarmed through the doors.
And swarm they did!  Oh Houston....I'm still recovering!
Texas sized baked potatoes sure helped!:)
By the way....new phone...new case....new fun...I'm on Instagram now...come play!:)



  1. Looks like a great stand at Houston. one day I WILL get there! Welcome to the new techno world!!!

  2. What an experience, Huston looks huge,, but sure you enjoyed it. Now you need time to get to know your new phone, but that won't take you long X x

  3. Looks like fun but such a big hall! Thanks for sharing your pics.

  4. that place looks like it was crazy busy. Good for Biz, of course!