Monday, November 30, 2015

Mini Mania Challenge #10 Churndash

November's Challenge was nine Churndash blocks in whatever color you wanted finishing at twenty inches.  Well....I'm not very good at math.
I only needed 36 half square tringles, 4 for each block, to make the churndash.  I made 72!
I also didn't follow directions and finished at 20"x 24".
I think I will be forgiven.  I hope!
The reason for the bigger finish...
... four leftover glitter blocks from my Medley of Jen (Kingwell) quilt that I wanted to use!
 So....four churndash on top....four churchdash on the bottom....and one huge one around the glitter!:)
 A little bit of canvas on the back with another envelope opening....
     ...a new pillow for our bed....yep...this one is staying home!
Looking forward to the next challenge....especially since the due date is end of January!
Guess I need to do something with the other 36 blocks!
 Bought myself an early Christmas present and memory of the Houston Quilt awesome bearpaw block from the Classic Metal Company.  Now to figure out where to hang it!
Now on to the next finish!  
Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving....or just an awesome day!:)


Friday, November 27, 2015

Steampunk Challenge

Saw this at BadAss Quilter's Society and got sucked in!
To enter make anything with quilty goodness.  No problem!
 Use every fabric in your project. Um...ok.
 Steampunk it up....metal zippers and real rusty bike gears...check!
Four pockets on one side of lining, zippy pocket with secret pocket on the other side.
Really don't want to cut those zipper ends off.... I won't!:)
 This can be totally....
 But why hide all this bike gear fun?:)
Bike gear and felt flower fun!
 Junk in the truck photo shot....very Steampunk!
Loads of pockets...
 and loops
Steampunk goodness...I hope!:)

Steampunk Challenge voting here...starting December 1st...if you want!:)


Sunday, November 22, 2015

The leftovers

So many little finishes...or at least ones I can show. 
Here is one, second for the third quarter.
It was made from the leftover half square triangles from this runner.
 There were soooooo many different ways I could have put these forty half square triangles together.  I have over 20 different configurations on my camera but love the way this one carries your eye out.  Sort of like a square drip of water ring!:)
 A few more geese and bits in the back and the envelope opening makes this more versatile. 
Table topper or pillow...I'm thinking pillow!:)
 Made a few ornaments for a swap.  Half inch hexagons.
 Never again!!
 This is what I am working on today.  All pin basted and half way hand quilted.
Of course there are always other things going on too!  
How about those Thanksgiving/Christmas cactus?:)

Like my new Instagram button up there on the right?
Thanks little sis! xoxo


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Oh Houston Quilt Fest done me in!

The International Quilt Festival in Houston, TX was beyond a doubt
 an experience never to be forgotten!
Early mornings getting breakfast and meals/snacks for later in the day stretched our legs.
As did set up!  Boxes and boxes of yard cuts, fat quarters and bundles.  Was wondering if we would get it set up in time for preview.
But we did!  What a team and what an awesome looking booth!  Fest team Pam, Nancy, Shop owner Carly, Cathy and myself 
in our new fushia aprons.
 (Circle window second from the right is where overhead shots were taken.)
Last minute instructions before the masses swarmed through the doors.
And swarm they did!  Oh Houston....I'm still recovering!
Texas sized baked potatoes sure helped!:)
By the fun...I'm on Instagram now...come play!:)