Sunday, February 7, 2010

Megasnowzilla Part II...And 5"-10" More is on the Way!

Two days of snow....and we woke up to these hanging from our eaves.

And 31"-42" of snow depending on where you measured...there are 6 steps going up our side porch...snow is almost even with the top!

We started shoveling Saturday afternoon because it was too much for the little tractor...we did this.....

Then this......

Then Sunday we did this.......

And then this......

Then had a break before facing this.....

Then we heard a tractor....our wonderful neighbor Frank did this!!

And this! Yes, we have a VERY long driveway!

So then we shoveled Maria's car.....

The sun started setting.....

One day we'll get to these cars....mine is on the right!

Purr happiness....
keeping the couch
warm for us!


  1. I can't believe how much you shoveled by hand!! And wow, what a winterwonderland.

  2. You deserve a medal doing all that shoveling! WOW!! Any muscles left that do not hurt? Look at it this way, you will get (or probably are allready!) awfully fit!! Best have that larder cupboard nicely filled up with more snow on the way... you never know....

  3. Oh, and I love the snowman. It's like he's screaming out in horror, "
    Get me out of hereeeee!"


  4. Man, that is some driveway!!!! My Chookie walks about that distance to the bottom of our street to visit her Granny!!!! The joys of living on a tiny, overcrowded island, y'see.

    Stay warm, stay fed and look after those *adorable* kitties!

  5. Oh my!! That is ALOT of snow. How are you holding up?

  6. Oh my God!!! This is AWFUL!! And I thought we were having masses of snow over here in Germany... never seen anything like this before! But CUTE kitties, by the way!!! :))

  7. All that snow! And shovelling by hand? Oh my!
    Your driveway I bet normally is lovely but shovelling all of that?
    Your puddings look as plush as ours :-)