Saturday, February 6, 2010

Am I a Jinx? Megasnowzilla Part I

Maybe! My first day of work at fabulous Webfabrics ended with several inches of snow on the ground before closing! I stroked Moda OZ all afternoon and didn't even notice it coming down until time to the end of it we had another 6" on the ground. Above is the Moda OZ and the fantastic boat with lovely quarter yard remnants! second day of work...the snow started when I entered the shop. Luckily it didn't start sticking until the afternoon so I was able to play with fabric again! I think my favorite thing to do, other than help customers, is fill orders. I love seeing what everyone else is playing with but I sure wish I could see what they do with it! We are also cutting loads of fabric getting ready for Carly's trip down to Hampton, VA on Feb 25-28 for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival XX so if you live in the area go see Carly and tell her I sent you!:)
The above picture is the "Salad Bar" is filled with very yummy Fat Quarters and new collections. Below is our "Color Wall" where the last bits of collections shine! Alas my fun did not last long for by 2:30 the snow was really coming down and sticking so Don and Maria came to pick me up.

Color wall and a bin of several Micheal Miller Fairy Frost
ready for the quilt show in all it's glimmery glory!

Then we woke up to this......
At least 26" of snow at 8am and it is supposed to snow the rest of the day. That plant staff is almost five feet tall, that's about two feet sticking out!

Those little mounds are my three foot tall boxwoods!

Don's little chained up
and loaded with rocks for traction...
kinda scared to open the garage door!

And third day of work...they are calling for more snow! Is it me?;)


  1. How wonderful to get to work with all that gorgeous fabric and talk to quilters all day! That is -- if the snow lets up.

  2. What a perfect LQS! If I'm ever in your area I will come by for sure! I looked at the OZ.....OH MY GOSH! You're right! I have to get some of that too! I'll send an order your way on a day you're working!

  3. Gorgeous shop Dee... I don't think it's you. I think the weather is just plain crazy at the moment!!! Hope you make it there this week.

  4. Oh my! look at that fabric and equally oh my... look at the snow! Will you be able to get to work tuesday?? The shop looks fantastic. Thanks for the photos! I will check it out! Oz looks great too. So glad it is working out for you!

  5. What a cool shop and just lookie at all that beautiful fabric! I love the OZ line and have been drooling over it on the internet. What a perfect job!

    I hope you can just stay in and sew until Tuesday!

  6. Wow! I haven't seen snow like that since I was fifteen. We used to dig caves in the drifts. Glad you like working in the shop. I'll be praying for you. The addiction is strong and incurable. ;0]

  7. That's a lot of snow! I hope it's cleared enough for you to get to work Tuesday, Dee. And what a lovely place to work, I'm so happy for you! It'll be spring soon enough, so enjoy your snow days.

  8. So happy for you about your job, Dee. Now, could you jinx me with more snow so I don't have to work Monday? ;)

  9. Woah! That's some serious snow!! We would totally grind to a stop with that much!

    I. Want. Your. Job. Really, are you seriously expecting to take *any* cash home?!?!