Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alas...the Last of the Ticker Samples!!

Greetings all....last examples here...I really need to start working on other WIPs!!
Last time I showed you the back of a quilt, here is the template I used to get my triangles lined up...thanks for the math dear hubby!

So this nice stack of 13" tops became......

....flying geese anyone?:) Or how about flying geese flowers? Just thought the centers looked a little lonely.
Or how about doing strips and triangles?
These strips became...
....this quilt....
...and after washing, this crinkly lovely!:) I...LOVE....GREY!
I ran out of time...and desire...but I had a few more ideas so I just drew them up on Paint.
Here is an idea shown in the four quadrants.
This is a checkerboard. You can just place your scraps in a checkerboard pattern or even sew different top fabrics together to make a checkerboard and then put the scraps on one or the other fabric. Of course each square can be scrappy or one kind of fabric...I just didn't have time to put different colored little scrap squares in each bigger square....guess they are more rectangular but you get the idea!
Or how about a radiating sun?!:) Yes, you can do this AND you can cut out circles!! My sun is a bit lopsided!
Last but not least a little wall hanging....
...that city building fabric gave me this idea...
....I want to embroider a few things on here like antennae on top of a few of the buildings with glass bead beacon lights.
So...did I give you enough ideas? I have others but figured this was enough!
I leave you with fresh out of the dryer is keeping me warm right now!!
Tomorrow....laying out your scraps...I promise!


  1. like grey???? what a shock!

    I love them all...if I didn't know you better, I'd suggest you're very

    Don't forget to come to work tomorrow!!


  2. Those are all great ideas! I am partial to the pink and teal zig zags!

  3. I love that wall hanging! Love it!!

  4. Beautiful Dee. This is all wonderful. I love all the ideas and those 2 quilts are great!!! You rock girlie!

  5. The possibilities are endless! Thanks for expanding my horizons.

  6. Dee, you are doing such an amazing lot of work for all of us thinking up all these samples!! They look absolutely beautiful and the possibilities are endless!! Thank you for all that work and the lovely examples!

  7. Lots of inspiartion here, Dee! Looks like you can do anything wiuth this tickertape idea, hmmm...

  8. Love your ideas. Makes me want to start one today.........even though I promised myself I would do some finishing up.

  9. Holy cow, Dee, you're a machine! These are fabulous ideas--I don't think I'd ever have thought of them, and now my wheels are cranking like mad!

  10. I am LOVING these ticker tape quilts! They're giving me lots of ideas. :) Thanks for sharing!

  11. Uau! I'm so excited about the giveaway news you left on my blog! Thanks so much! I couldn't have access to your mail, so I'm living mine: If you have a little time, please, mail me, so I can send my adress to you... Sorry for the inconvinient... Thanks again! (Sorry for the rusty english!)

  12. These are so amazing! I love all of them! I am thinking too and the wheels are spinning! I love love love this idea.....and i have tons more scraps too. wahoo!

  13. Oh wow Dee there are so many ways to make this quilt, I am not sure where to start. May have to make a few (if time allows)

  14. Oooh, I'm only a week behind (having some Family Issues, I'll call them) but I love those ideas and will implement some as soon as I get a chance. (Might have to cut up some real material though - I've not been quilting long enough to get many scraps and keep using up the scraps I have!)