Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tickers Unveiled!! Some ORBC Round 9 Samples!

I know this is what you all have been waiting here they are...some Ticker Tape samples! Some of you may recognize these. I did them last year. One of them is now living in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the other is on our bedroom wall.
Here is my Frame Me Ticker, yes, you can do this!!:)

And this is a mini I made for the STUD April 2010 Hip to be Not Square Swap. It now lives in Kansas City, Missouri. I do miss this one a lot!! These are the quilts that made me such a fan of the Ticker Tape ...thanks so much Amanda Jean for coming up with such a novel way to use up our scraps!
Now for some recent additions to my Ticker Tape Album, most of these are small examples that you can use to make the quilt we are doing in Round 9.
Here is an idea using scraps with a holiday theme. You know those novelty fabrics that have great drawings but you have to cut one up to get a whole one of another...well here is an idea using those scraps!
This one is a baby doll quilt I made for a two year old cousin....I Spy...I know you have lots of cool scraps to make one of these! It was well received!
This one was made for another cousin. I want you to notice the scraps are inline and the same size. That makes sewing them on so much easier because you can just do straight lines up and down top to bottom, side to side. I also used fabrics from a collection...just wacked a 2 1/2" strip off the bottom of four fat quarters and cut out the yes, these weren't scraps!:)
Here is an example using a dark colored top fabric and then all black and white fabrics.
I noticed I had a lot of green scraps and that book fabric and immediately thought of a tree...a ticker tape tree!!
Here we have the nine patch look with a row of squares on can sew your scraps on in traditional block patterns!! This was another easy one to sew as I hardly had to lift up my machine's foot!!
Here at last is the bigger quilt, the one I am showing you how to is the back....
...and here is the front! It is a nice lap size....made with four quadrants that were then sewn together to make a bigger quilt. It is so much easier sewing in smaller sections.
So next post we will start sewing scraps on, hopefully now you will start to get an idea how you might like to place those scraps. Did I give you more ideas?:)
I still have several more to show you....
Here is a sneak peek of one!!:)
Hope you are inspired!
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  1. Nice, Dee! I'll be tickering and taping this weekend!

  2. The little heart quilt is happy inspiration in my sewing area here in Ann Arbor. Love that frame look and the tree!

  3. What great examples - thanks so much for putting this together

  4. wow Dee these are great, not sure which way I am going yet, but thanks for all of the inspiration.

  5. Love your show and tell! All the quilts are amazing, especially the theme quilt where the witch's body and legs are separated. Thank you!

  6. Man!!! What great inspiration, Mizz Dee, I love the red one and the wee tree!!! Hell, I love them all.....raring to go now!!

  7. Wow, so many Dee! Can I just ask you, do you always need to cut the squares with pinking shears? I am still a little worried about whether I can handle all those raw edges or not - I know I am being very anal, but wondering whether there is a way to turn ends under!

  8. You have been very busy indeed. Nice showing of tickers. Gave me an idea or two. You are so awesome.

  9. Greetings all,
    I wrote all this on the flickr group thread and thought I should copy and paste it here!:)

    I think maybe you all are getting the idea now that this form of quilting is quite free form. You can totally cover your top fabric or you can have lots of empty spaces to make a pattern. The top fabric can be different colors in a checkerboard or strips of fabric for rows....the possibilities are endless!!

    One thing I wish I had done from the beginning of my quilting experience two years ago is make a 15" square of ticker scraps from each project as I finished that project....then when I had a good collection of squares I could sew those all together to make one quilt!:) That would truely be a memory quilt!!

    A couple of questions I have been asked:

    ~Do you have to have pinking shears? NO, I use pinking shears, scissors and my rotary cutter. Whatever was easiest at the time I was trimming up my scraps.

    ~Do you have to have the same fabric for the whole backing?
    NO, just like when you make any of your quilts, lots of us piece different fabrics together to make our backs. As long as your 4 backing pieces are all the same measurement, so they can be sew together easily, then it doesn't matter the pattern!:)

    -Do the scraps have to be all the same size? NO, they can be squares, rectangles, triangles, long strips, I said before....possiblities are endless!!!

    I will post about putting the scraps on the fabric sandwich this weekend and there are a few important tips so if you can just be patient for a couple more days I'll get on that!!

    Thanks all for all your kind comments and excitement!!

  10. These are great! Now I'm ready to get rolling! Thanks for doing this Dee!

  11. I'm super excited! These are great examples and I had no idea you could do so many different things with ticker tape! Wahoo! Thanks for all your hard work Dee!

  12. WOW!!! you been busy! Love them all!

  13. OMGOSH!!!! What a fun post! I'm more excited than I already was...LOL!

  14. oh my!! You have been a busy gal. You've certainly expanded my thoughts on Ticker quilts! I'll be so ready to go when you are.

  15. You have done an amazing lot of these tickers and they are all so different yet great in their own right. My head is buzzing with possibilities.

  16. Wow, I just found your blog and I am really impressed. I did a lot of scrap quilts already but this is a really clever way to use the leftovers. And I like the idea of the halloween-scraps. I have a lot of those scraps, couldn't throw those half spiders and witches and pumpkins and ... away. Maybe they will find a place in a Mugrug or so.
    Thank you very much for the inspiration!