Sunday, January 23, 2011

ORBC Round 9 A Few Quilting Examples

Greetings All,
Hope everyone in the northern hemisphere is staying was 8 degrees
(-13.3C) last night!! At least the sun is shining this morning and the wind has died down!
Just a quick post to show you a few ways of quilting some of the Tickers. Of course there is the regular way going around each scrap and some of you are making some amazing stuff using Free Motion Quilting...kudos to you all! Keep it up and don't forget to post on the ORBC flickr page so we can all learn and be inspired!
This little doll quilt shows the very easiest way to do it if you have cut all your scraps the same size and put them in nice all the vertical and then all the horizontal making sure you start with a center row.
With the zig zag I did the green line first...can you see it...horizontal and vertical lines? Then I did the ZZ which is the purple line and all I had left was one white horizontal line. I'm just showing you how I sewed down my pieces....I figured you can have fun figuring out how you want to do the rest!:)
Lastly the flying geese....I followed the alphabet for each triangle, when I got back to the beginning I sewed over the D to C line and outlined the whole wreath of geese. After that I decided I wanted something in the middle so I sewed on the circles.
You could also do parallel horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines for a
checkerboard or diamond effect OR you could even do wavy lines! As long as you get some sort of stitching down on all four corners of your scraps they will not wrinkle all up on you when you wash!:)

I think you all are really inspiring me be brave and get out my darning foot!!

This is my next project!!!
Next up...sewing your quadrants...I promise!:)


  1. This is a wonderful round! I am so enjoying seeing all the different directions people are taking!! You are doing a great job too Dee... giving us all examples and advice and keeping it all rolling smoothly. Brilliant!

  2. Thanks for the quilting suggestions for my quilt I'm going to try wavy lines .... fingers crossed

  3. I still have not started, but have loads of inspiration. In fact when I first saw the top picture, I thought what a wonderful idea to sew mini bias strips either side of each ticker tape block, couldn't quite work out how you did it on the zig zag, and then realised when i saw the last picture that you can draw on your pictures (how cleaver), and its not bias tape at all. Who, knows I might have a go with bias once I get started. Well done Dee this is great

  4. I have my FMQ foot now and am definitely getting started this weekend!