Monday, January 10, 2011

ORBC Round 9 Time to Cut!

Isn't that a lovely little stack of scraps?
Here is the fabric I'm batting: Warm and White, my top fabric: Nature's Palette in Baby Aqua, my backing: a cute birdcage print from Urban Outfitters!
Can you see a problem already? I mean I figured it out but using a big directional print is not a great idea!!

Here is a cutting diagram. It is definitely NOT to scale! This is based on your 2 yards of fabric being 44" wide...adjust accordingly!:) The backing and batting are basically the same size but I drew it so you could see the fabric sandwich better! All I did was cut my 2 yards of fabric into two one yard pieces and then cut those in half on the fold and cut my batting the same size and the tops 2 inches smaller length and width. Make sense?
After cutting and ironing fabric lay them on top of each other and put in a few pins to keep it from shifting. You'll have four fabric sandwiches!

Here is what happens if your backing is the same size as the front....this is what you don't want to happen....learn from my mistakes! Any questions please email me!!
Post your fabric sandwiches on the ORBC flickr site!!
Next up, playing with scraps!:) I promise you won't have to wait a week!!
PS....what you cut WILL all be sewn back together!!:)


  1. Yay! Can't wait for the next instalment. I am one of those persons who have to be able to imagine the end result before making colour choices, so I am afraid I haven't started yet.. Am waiting impatiently to see where this is going !

  2. Mmmmm I was planning this quilt to be for my granddaughters doll pram, so think I might wait to see if I can still manage the 4 pieces, or should I just make one. Can't wait to see what you are planning with the 4 quarters.

  3. Ok, I am going to get started on this at the weekend! Are you doing it in 4 pieces to make it more manageable? I mean could you do it all in one piece if you were naughty, and didn't follow instructions?!

  4. Somewhere along the way could you please explain how you solved the problem with a directional print for backing.

  5. I think it would be helpful to see a picture of a finished quilt. I'm reluctant to start my quilt right away as I don't know what the finished product looks like. I'm interested to see how the panel look when they are all sewn together and how the seams are disguised. Thanks.

  6. Here is a flickr group dedicated to Ticker Tapes so you can see what others have done:

    The directional part is pretty easy, you just need to remember to sew the four quadrants together the same way you cut them!:) It's the remembering that was hard for me because I was so excited to sew them back together and almost sewed one upside down, which after thinking about it wouldn't really have been horrible!:)

  7. Oh....and yes...I will be showing the back soon!:)