Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First Shaken Earth...next Sky Opening!

We are only about 100 miles north of Mineral, VA....not far enough! At 1:51pm today the shop shook! As you can see from the map ALL of VA had at least light to moderate shaking...that was enough for me!
James lives 35 miles away...way too close...but of course it was all fun for him!

If you felt it you can go to this map at the U.S. Geological Survey and let them know. Thanks for finding this Foo!:)

Next up for the east coast....Hurricane Irene! Ugh!

On a lighter note...I just had to share this photo. That's Maria when she visited Vienna, Austria this past June.....gotta love red Chucks!:)



  1. you big baby!!! lol...I wrote to my sisters really quickly from work...forgot Al's uncle on Long Island...they called tonight...good reason to chat on the phone and solidify plans for the 94th birthday in October!

    cya on Friday...preference for Meggie's cake????let me know...

  2. One big reason I'm happy to live in the dreary UK - middle of a continental shelf!! I can't imagine the earth moving (no, not like THAT) it sounds way too scarey. And when I say dreary I do actually love it here. Just clearing that up coz I hate when people badmouth where they live. I'm only moving if Scotland explodes!!

    (that is a very cool photo of Maria!! she's a girl after my own heart - gutties rule!)

  3. I was thinking about you when I heard the news this morning Dee! Glad you are all ok. How exciting though! I agree with Lynz, above, about how great it is to live on an Island with NO bad natural occurences, but also it is a bit boring sometimes... My cosins in Toronto said they could feel it too! Glad no one has been hurt.

  4. It took me a minute to see Maria in the picture. Lucky her!

    The baby quilt in the post below is so cute! - Cindy