Monday, August 29, 2011

Mailbox and Basement Goodies!

Found something really fun in my mailbox this afternoon....a package from Amy of During Quiet Time! Her hubby does these amazing lathe turned seamrippers and Amy...the creative genius of the family...does EVERYTHING including printing on fabric!
Look at the adorable buttons she has on her business cards....go check out her blog and see for much goodness....made During Quiet Time!:)

Last weekend...before the Earthquake and Hurricane...we went down to visit my folks...brought dad a lot of wood and trims....took home a bunch of treasures!

These two chairs were hanging in the garage..."Dad...can I have them?" YEP!:) Haven't decided if I am going to strip them or paint them...I have time.

There was one other chair hanging in the garage...

...the one on the right...awesome yes?:) I took the other one out of dad's workshop...I think it was the one he took his breaks on...I replaced it!:) I love all the bits of paint still on that one. I think I'll go ahead and finish stripping the other one. Check out the turnbuckle on the green one!

We brought home one other treasure....this bench that dad refinished for is part of a banquet we took out of Don's granddaddy's house in Hampton, VA. Was this dreadful peach worked hard taking off many layers of paint. The seat lifts up for storage....this one and the mate are going in our mudroom. Thanks DAD!:) xoxo

See the little treasure sitting on top of the bench? That's the awesome quilt I received from my secret partner Kristy (Love Old Houses)at Doll Quilt Swap 11!

It's only 10 3/4" square! Those are some itty bitty HSTs!! Kristy included the squares from her first idea. I think I was a winner either way she went with this quilt!;) Thanks Kristy!

What to see another treasure in our basement?'s a sailboat. Red and white with an aqua interior and a natural it!;) Maybe one day we'll take it out on the water!!

Lastly...these have been mailed to the boy....I wanted to try to make something that he and his band mate's could sell at their shows along with their LPs and t-shirts. I drew the owl/Hold Tight! on Paint and printed it on fabric and the skull...the boy drew that. I scanned it and put the band's name in the eye sockets...a few bits of scraps....some ribbon, a keyring...voila...Hold Tight! key fobs! They can always give them away too!:)



  1. Wow, you have been busy. I love your chair finds. I am a sucker for lone chairs needing fixing. Thanks for all the love :)

  2. the chairs are awesome! that boat might have come in handy with

  3. Love that boat, and the chairs! I hope we will get some 'after' photos for them. What an amazing mum you are making those 'Holdtight' keyrings?! You must be the coolest 'band mum' ever!! Just like you are the nicest, kindest blog pal ever!!! Just blogged about how wonderful you are :)

  4. Wow Dolores! You hit the jackpot!! I totally love that green chair. That seamripper - gotta go check that out! Those key fobs are a great idea. Hope they go over well. I've been too busy for swapping lately, but hope to join back in soon :) Oh, and I love that bench, too.

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  6. I would totally buy a Hold Tight key fob!