Saturday, August 20, 2011

Graduation, Anniversary, Baby Gifts Given...Oh Yeah!

Maria and her flatmate Rose want to give their expecting friend a handmade gift and asked me if I would make them a baby quilt.....HECK YEAH I yelled across the Atlantic!! Their friend doesn't know what she having...other than it's a baby:) I ran to my stash, fondled a bunch of fabric and sent them some photos. They pondered my wonders and picked their favs...elephants, owls, monkeys, camping critters, donkeys...and some Pips!:) This is what I did with them....
Gotta love simple squares in frames some blue fabric on one side and some mauve on the other!
Oh the wonders of the washer and dryer!! Crinkly goodness!
But my favs of what they picked were the farm animals...and castles!
Perfect for a wee babe born in the UK! Yes, the animals and castles are going in different directions but I didn't want to cut up the fabric so I took some artistic license and just went with it!:)
I used some of a tapestry I bought from Urban Outfitters for the binding and
in the bottom corner I embroidered "From Maria & Rose 2011"
Hope you girls like it...I'm sure the baby won't mind what he/she is snuggled in as long as it is warm!!:)
My pal Sandie's youngest graduated from high school this June. I wanted to make her a little something to remember it all...something she could put her pins and stuff on....this is her growth from elementary school to high school and the seed that has been planted as she begins her new adventure at Temple! Congrats Court....Do Everything!!!:)
It's my folks 57th anniversary tomorrow....they love the beach, especially the Outer Banks. I was inspired by this quilt by Kelsey Creates I saw on the Fat Quarterly blog of four lighthouses (BTW...on that blog post my little quilt is #7!:). The folks don't need another quilt...but I think a little wall hanging might just do the trick!:) You can't tell from the photo but the black stripes are 4 different black batiks and the whites are tone on tones....looks better in person!:)
Now I finish up a few more projects that need to head over the ocean and then it will be time to start working on Christmas projects. In the mean time we are still enjoying the yard...finally got some much needed rain last week....and look what bloomed in the crack! Gotta love freebies!!:)



  1. Love the baby quilt Dee! Fabulous!

  2. You have been a very busy girl. All of the quilts look great. Miss you my friend!

  3. Man, that baby quilt is awesome!! The quilt for the young lady heading off to educational pastures new is also very inspiring - what a great idea, missus! But my favourite is that lighthouse! That was always what my biiiig all-over-my-side tattoo was going to be (in the alternative universe were I'm not going to go all wrinkly, obviously!) coz I love their guide-you-home symbology. Lovely idea for an anniversary pressie!!

  4. Stunners! You've got creativity with a capital C running through your veins!