Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trees and Houses and Gourds...Oh MY!:)

Been playing with my bitties I am all caught up...not a bitty left to be sewn together...PHEW!

November 2010 the Bitty Block Committee made houses...adorable houses....they hung in a bunch from my bulletin board. February we made freaking cute....they hung next to the houses. Until this past week! I was going to try to come up with some cute neighborhood with a cul-de-sac and an orchard and the Big Woods and Nob Hill for the (s)n0bbier neighborhood but in the end kept it simple...I'm glad I did!:) Plus it was going to end up huge! I made the castle block.

Around the same time we were doing the trees one of the group...who will remain nameless cause she is a trouble-maker...Flossieblossoms...had this wacky idea rolling around in her head and thus was born Out of Our Gourds! Each of us picked a veg and made it is the motley lineup:

Billy the Kidney Bean (Quiltinkimmie)

Carroty Kid (Sandy in Buenos Aires)

Ludwig von Beet-hoven (Ruthiequilts)

Alexander the Grape (the crazy person)

Melon-y Griffith (EdyB1)

Tina Turnip (Fingers, Inc)

Lima Minnelli (LethargicLass)

Pablo Pea-casso (Spiced Coffee)

Beety Boop (Sewjo)

Black Scallion (Lucyellen06)

Dr. Pepper (me)

Squash Buckler (Marilynkb)

Grapeful Dead (Nanotchka)

Abraham Lin-corn (Hohnstreiterrific)

I printed the names on some fabric and put that next to each veggie because I figured we all weren't up to figuring them out...heheheh!:) Thanks Ladies!!! I am all caught up....I'm hoping to convince the gang that we need to do a bathroom theme...can't you see it...toothbrushes, tubs and toilets...OH MY!:)
On the Doll Quilt Swap 11 front I'm finished. I wasn't feeling it...I mean I really like it but it was outside my comfort zone being new to paper piecing so I'm not really satisfied with my workmanship. Everyone at DQS was so encouraging that I'm going to send it on. Hope my partner likes it!:)

Just for fun I made this little colorful thing out of some Makower Sew scraps that I brought home from work. I was just having fun sewing these weirdly cut strips together adding some Meadowsweet on the outside...looked cute as individual I see from the photo that the Meadowsweet wasn't a great idea cause there are some wacky zig zags going on there! Alas I still think it is cute and was going to send it to one of my online buddies....think I still should?:)


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