Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bitty Block Bee meets Clock-Along!!

 This past year I have participated in the Bitty Block Bee.  There were 14 of us and each month one of us was Queen/King Bee, picked a theme and received two 3 1/2" or 6 1/2" blocks from each member for a total of 26 blocks.
The month of May rolled in and it was my turn to be Queen!  I was inspired by some fruit and veggie blocks on text fabrics seen while perusing Flickr AND wanted to make a clock.  Yo peeps, could you each pick a Roman numeral 1-12 and a fruit or veggie and one of you  make me some clock hands?
They were game and more than rose to the occasion! Here are the blocks all put together that those crazy creative folks made for me!! 
All I did was highlight the numerals with a black running stitch and do a bit of quilting.

At the Mini QT Swap we are having a Clock-Along.  A couple of the lovely ladies (Marilyn and Ruthie) made up a tutorial for us to follow which made it soooo easy for me! 
In this photo you can just make out some buttons we received when our girl was at West Virginia University...left them there so you could see how big it is....21" square!
I love it!  Thanks Bee Buddies!
I bought more clock works because it's a great gift to make with orphan blocks!
I was going to put some buttons on the clock then I found the huge hands so that idea went out the window but my buttons now have a new home cause... pal Sandie gave me this HUGE glass Ball jar for my perle cottons!!:)
See that little project next to my sewing machine?
Now it's an oh so cute little zippy bag made from a pattern called 

Gotta love plaid!:)


  1. What an awesome clock!!! I love it. And that huge jar, too. It must be massive!

  2. I love your "bitties" clock! The best stuff comes out of that group.

  3. Love your quilt clock! Such a great mini quilt with so much detail - and the clock hands make it even better! Totally planning to try this out very soon!!

  4. Oh!!! Now I want a quilt clock!!! And I have the perfect empty wall space for it. . . :)

  5. Your clock is a stunner, where will it hang? That jar with all of your threads looks great, and I have just the shelf that would show it off.