Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Fest Fall 2013 Tale of Two Quilts Part I

Five years ago Amy of Amy's Creative Side came up the idea of the 
Blogger's Quilt Fest to celebrate the creative fun of our online community.
This year I thought I'd enter a quilt or two!
Remember this photo I took of scraps sewn together by color? These sat around for a long time while an idea percolated.
 Finally I figured out what to make.  After cutting out some rectangles then adding two squares to each corner....chain stitching like crazy...finally I had... Scrappy Rainbow Flying Geese!  My pal Linda did the awesome quilting, sort of like a breeze!
 Twenty-five geese duos, each duo is 12" square.
 The background is Robert Kaufman Fusion Ombre in Straw.
I wish I had a whole bolt of that stuff!
 Backing is Jane Sassaman Willow Wands from her Garden Divas collection.
I really like this quilt. I see something different in it every day. 
I am submitting this one in the  
ROY G BIV Quilt category!  It makes me happy!

But remember this a tale of two quilts.
Next post will be about Part II!!:)

Now go visit some other online Fest  friends and leave them a comment.
It makes us feel good!:)  
Thanks for visiting and thank you Amy for all the fun!!


  1. oh, i love love love it!! what a great way to use some scraps! and i love the size of the triangles. the quilting is great too... it adds just the right amount of texture.

  2. A perfect entry to the ROYGBIV category! I have to make a rainbow quilt one day too!

  3. what a fantastic way to use those scraps! I love that the geese themselves are scrappy. Enjoy the festival :-)

  4. Oh my gosh I love this one too!!!! You really squeezed a ton of quilty goodness out of your strippy fabric.

  5. Cool strippy FG! You've had fun taking pictures of it, too.

  6. Such joyful colours! Love the photo with a truck :))

  7. Love the use of scrappy strips!

  8. Gorgeous quilt! Love those scrappy flying geese especially.

  9. Very clever! What a beautiful quilt - perfect for the category.

  10. Perfect background fabric to show off those colours! great work.

  11. oooooooo!!!! I love what you did with those fabric scraps. This quilt is GORGEOUS!

  12. You are brilliant, Dolores! Love this quilt SO much!