Friday, October 25, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Fest 2013 Part II of the Duo

(scraps sewn together then cut to make flying geese)
Part II of my scrappy adventures started with the chain stitched like crazy flying geese.
Before I trimmed off the corners of said geese I turned that chain of flying fowl around and stitched 1/2" on the other side of the seams to make half square triangles (HSTs)!!!:)
Each goose gave me two HST now I had 100 5.5" HSTs!:)
Hence my second entrance in the Blogger's Quilt Fest Scrappy Quilt category!:)
 Scrappy  Rainbow Geese on the right and Scrappy Paths on the left!
 I had such fun playing with all the squares making different designs. In the end this pattern was the winner.  I did some hand quilting on the Fusion Ombre straw background fabric.
 Backing is a Dutch Wax Print from Africa courtesy of my sister-in-law. This quilt now belongs to my pal Sally's lovely daughter who graduated from college this year!:)
Hopefully you will all join me over at the Fest taking in all the other talents of our worldwide online community of quilters!
Thanks for visiting!


  1. Love those scrappy quilts. Not sure what the 'blog fest' is all about, but I am now going to follow the link to see what is going on......there's always someone that is dragging behind

  2. Wow, those scraps went a long way!

  3. That's definitely thinking ahead to get two for one. Beautiful use of scraps!

  4. I always wondered what you were going to make with those strip pieces! Well these quilts are just fantastic and I love the patterns you came up with. Love them!!

  5. Wow, 2 gorgeous quilts! You are spoiling us! Both are beautiful Dee and proper scrappy - well done!

  6. Really cool effects with those rainbows - the setting adds so much dimension!

  7. Perfect way to use those scraps! Its gorgeous!

  8. Love the colours, love the scrappiness, love the order of it! Great job!

  9. Love this one, too, what a lucky girl she is to get a quilt from YOU!