Thursday, April 10, 2014

Made Two Blocks for Jaybird's Huppah!:)

Julie of Jaybird Quilts is getting married...oh yes she is!  She has asked her friends and online peeps if we could help in the making of blocks for the Huppah she and soon to be hubby Lawrence will stand beneath. You know I will!!
Here is a wee bundle of solids picked out by Jaybird herself.  Just a sampling of the colors they picked.  
The Huppah will need 222 triangle blocks and I got to thinking about Round 15 Angled Frames Tutorial and how I've been wanting to do one in solids. Cue the light-bulb moment!!
Cut a few strips....sewed them together...
 ...then cut out according to Julies template.  Had enough scraps leftover for a block with their initials and...
....made the Angled miniature....8" x 8.5" to be exact!:)
More photos of the mini here!:)
Now go make a couple of blocks for Julie and Law...and maybe an Angled Frames or two!:)


  1. Well I'm not sure what a huppah is, but it sounds interesting!

  2. Sometimes I wonder if their cover will overflow down the sides and cover the whole room :) I was thinking of angled frames is solids as well!