Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Makes with the leftovers from Angled Frames!:)

Leftover bits makes....said they were coming and here they are....finally!
Above are the half square triangles (hst) that I stitched from the cut ends of the Angled Frames quilt tops made for the Round 15 at Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along.
Want to see some makes?
 One of our customers made a couple of pillows from the two quilts she donated to our 2014 Quilt Drive.
 Another customer made this adorable stuffed Kitty Cat from her leftovers. So sweet.

Below are my makes!:)
I call this mini "Flying West" cause after working so hard to get the border pieced in the same direction I realized I had the center facing left!:)
"Limeade" had more hst because I used fat quarters...bonus!:)
 A long Humbug bag now hold my supplies for the mixed media class I'm taking online.  
Can't wait to start!
 Was going to make two boxy bags but got lazy and made one a wedge.  Love zippy bags!

But my favorite make was a gift for my dear mother-in-law.
A clothespin bag....I want one too!!!:)
Springtime in D.C.
Hope you're having great weather too!
Now let's see what you made with the leftover bits...make sure to post your photos in the 
Don't forget to #angledframes  !


  1. I love those bags! and the mini quilt, though, I don't see what you mean about the center facing left. and the clothespin bag! and where are you taking the online class from? That's so cool!

  2. Love the Flying West, and I adore that clothespin bag!!

  3. Great way to use up all those bits! Much as I hate making HSTs, I've had a bunch to make for bee blocks in the last few months, and because they've had to be scrappy have generated their own little offspring that I need to use up somehow. I have an idea, but I think I'll need a bunch more 'bits'!

    Looking forward to seeing what comes out of the mixed media class :o)

  4. Lobe those cushions and the little bags, great way to use those scraps. Spring has also arrived in the U.K. And we have been lapping up the sun .......just have to hope it stays for the Easter break.