Friday, April 11, 2014

Second Quarter Hopefuls for the 2014 Finish Along!

I have to admit, putting it all out there does make one accountable!  I managed to finish four of the six items linked on Katy's 2014 Finish Along for last quarter.  Two are going to carry over. 
 This one will become my first finish of the 2nd quarter since it is at the longarmer!!  Yeah!!
I did learn a better way to cut my tee shirt strips so it's quicker but I think this one will still be there at the end of the year!!:)  Below are my new additions for this quarter's finishes....I hope!
My first attempt at anything bargello has been waiting to be finished for three years!
My pal gave me this great charm pack from Tula Pink. I knew exactly what fabric I had in my stash to use with it.  Now it needs to be made!!
Isn't this pile fabulous?  Yep...I need a new bag!!  I have several patterns in mind so we'll see which one wins in the end.  Hopefully sooner than later!
This has been birthday week in our family....four in four days. One present for our boy never reached the sewing machine so he received a package of fabric...for a tie!  He loves it.  Wonder if he'd mind if I use one of my labels for the loop on the back? I think it would work.  I do heart him!:)
That's what is going on my 2nd quarter list.  I have tons of Angled Frames tops to quilt...megaTONS...but those will get done a little at a time.  With warm weather finally setting in I seriously don't relish having a quilt draped over me in any form!
Come join the 2014 Finish Along for the second still have a few more days!
Thanks again Katy all your work in hosting this year!:)


  1. Lol, I think you need to hit up the last one first!

  2. Phew! I think you need time off work to get this lot done......sure you will get there though. ;) have fun x x