Monday, April 7, 2014

Why Angled Frames?

The story of the Angled Frames pattern is pretty simple. Our shop owner saw a news item on TV about The Emilio Nares Foundation which provides support to families with children who have cancer.  
One of the things they provide is transportation for those that have no way of getting their loved ones to treatments.  
While watching the piece Carly heard how cancer patients are always so cold, especially after a treatment and this sparked an idea for this year's charity project at the shop.
While trying to think of another quick quilt top like the Jelly Roll 1600 (which was what we did for last year's project)  I remembered how instead of 40 width of fabric strips I made a quilt using twenty 4 1/2" wide width of fabric strips.  I love the wider strips! It was so quick but still looked too much like the JR 1600.
So how about make a huge rectangular log cabin type block out of the strips instead.  
That was the beginning of Angled Frames!:)
Of course the tutorial is for a lap size quilt!:)
Don't forget to #angledframes !


  1. Great photos! Had me fooled, almost.... ;)

  2. You sneaky peaky!! Got me hook, line and sinker.

  3. I love those angled frames!!!!

  4. Oh Dee this mini is so cute, and such a good idea no matter what size quilt you make

  5. Yay you! What a clever idea! And a good cause.
    I might get to sewing this weekend, if I don't throttle DH first.... 8-/