Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finish one for the Second Quarter!!!!

Yep, I can't believe it but I am done with all my WIPs  listed for this quarter of  Finish Along 2014!!!

First day of Summer and longest day of the year was quite dreary and cool (64F/17.8C) so I knew having a project on my lap wouldn't be sweat inducing!  While hubby painted windows and the boy worked on the final project for his class I crocheted!
 Now most of this basket of tee shirt "yarn" is....
 ...a 27x38 kitchen mat!!  I used a total of 26 tees and a lot of muscles to make it!
 I learned a few things:
~ Not all tees work as nicely.  Some are actually crunchy!
~ Seamless tees are the best but if I waited to have enough of those I'd still be waiting.
~ Take breaks....I didn't and now my hands are yapping at me.
~ Don't work over a freshly vacuumed rug.
~ Don't sweat the wonkiness!!:) 
~ I don't have a clue how to tie off the end.
~ I don't need my glasses with the huge yarn and hook!
After about the 7th tee I started figuring it out but I wasn't about to undo what I had finished.
Now I'm making trivets out of the brighter tees.
I still don't know how to tie off!!!


  1. Well done you on firstly completing all of your listed projects and secondly on crocheting your rug. I have never used T.shirting for crochet but everyone I know that has used it has said how hard it is on your hands

  2. Show off ;o) And there was you thinking you'd be doing this til December!

  3. So cool! Now I really must put "learn to crochet" on my list! Love that you can use up what would otherwise be discarded.