Saturday, June 14, 2014

Finish Along IV

That is a Roman numeral #4 right?:)
(Who is that peeking at the quilt?)
I love, love, love this quilt...and finishing something!
 Hubby asked who was getting this one.  No way is it leaving our house!!
 My pal Sandie gave me a charm square pack of Tula Pink's Acacia...30 five inch squares of fun! 
I had some McKenna Ryan ombre type fabric that I cut into 5" by width of fabric strips and randomly placed 3 squares per strip.
I was a bit too random as I had a hard time laying them out so none of the squares were totally next to each other.  A little overlap was fine.  I'm happy with the final layout and went crazy with the quilting!
(Doesn't that freebie chair from the side of the road look like a giant's chair?:)
I have never quilted anything as densely as this one.
 I just love the look but oh do my shoulders ache!!
So that is finish #4 for the second quarter of Finish Along 2014...almost done with #5!
(Hubby dug that rock out of our only stuck out a couple inches!!)
I could look at this quilt forever!!  Thanks Sandie!!! xoxo
Bye the way...that's Cairn Man watching over the house and flower he has big feet!!:)



  1. You are doing well with your 'finishes' well done. Just love those men in your garden.

  2. This quilt is really fun and the ombre is very interesting. I can understand how you love to look at it!

  3. It is dreamy....that's all I can say...well yummy too!!!

  4. Gorgeous and love your quilting! That's almost matchstick! Also your photos are lovely, wish I could sit on those cute garden seats with you and stroke your quilt :)