Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finish V and Shiny Things!

The girl has struck again.  She sees something beautiful in the most ordinary things.  We walk around our yard and find her wonder all over the place!
Bike gears, cleaned and shiny catching the light to twinkle about!
Who'd thunk it?
Here is finish #5 for this quarter.  A small wall hanging I started a couple years ago and rolled up to be forgotten.  William Morris fabrics and a bit of embroidery.
 Twinkling gears on our blooming arbor.  Everything is so green with all the rains.
Blooms on arbor inspire blooms on mini.
The girl said these are ghost children on the swings...I believe her!
Green has always been a favorite color...I am now adding purple to that list!
This is what I think "thoughts" look like churning in our minds.
This Fall the boy's girlfriend "K" will be a first time math teacher and today is her birthday....new teacher needs a pencil pouch right?  We are very proud of her!
Every arbor needs a star and this arbor has a lot of them....as do we!



  1. Love the mini that you have finished, don't you feel proud getting all these U F O 's finished. Love the idea of the bike gears hanging as docorations and hope it reminds you all of happy times in Oxford

  2. I think you're going to hit your head when you sneak on for a quick swing there ;o)

  3. I love the "thoughts" collection of gears. Modern Art. My kids always say the ghosts are back when our porch rockers start blowing in the wind.