Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three Summers in a Row!

 As you could tell from the Fat Quarterly Retreat post I was in the UK with the girl. 
 After the FQ weekend the fun didn't stop there!
 Marguerite took me to the Victoria and Albert Museum for lunch before she head home. 
The girl met me there and soon we were off to Oxford. 
In OX the girl stayed with her friends...
...and I got to stay at Magdalen College!!  View from the room...the River Cherwell and Magdalen Bridge!
 I also stayed with one of the girl's friends and her family but neglected to take a photo! 
Thanks so much Jane and gang!!

 Keeping the fun going was another meet up with my buddies Jo and Mr. D! He was so kind to humor us with a visit to a couple yarn shops and the sneaky Jo left me a little present in my room!
We tromped all around Oxford and Jo pointed out how funny it was that an American was showing them around!:)  Later we met up with the girl and her friends and the most generous and lovely Mr and Mrs treated us to lunch at Turl Street Kitchen!  So yummy! Thanks pals!! xo
 Tuesday we visited The Story Museum so we could see the current exhibit 26 Characters.  I thought it was going to just be photos of 26 famous UK authors dressed as their favorite storybook character but it was much more. Each room is decorated to fit the theme of the storybooks they came from with loads of interaction.  If you get to OX before November go visit....quickly!!

 There is even a talking throne!!:)
(Christ Church's Tom Tower in the background!)
 So many exciting things are happening at The Story Museum. No wonder the girl misses working there!
 View east up High Street from Carfax Tower.  We had gorgeous weather the whole time!
 View from the steps at the Ashmolean Museum.
Took a train ride to Stratford -upon-Avon.  Flowers are everywhere! Alex (in the skirt) used to live and work there so we had a great tour guide.
This is where she worked...the Royal Shakespeare Theatre!:)  
She now works at The Story Museum...still a lucky girl!
 We cruised through the swans on the Avon and had our one an only rain of the trip...a whole five minutes of rain!
 There was a lot of eating....
(Joseph Marcell as King Lear!)
 ....Royal Shakespeare Company production of King Lear in the Bodleian Library Courtyard....
...and ice cream, ice cream, ice cream with most of the roommates the girl had (minus 2) in the 3 1/2 years she lived in Oxford.  Such a wonderful group of friends!
Many other adventures were had but on the day we were to head back home we rushed for one last visit to the V & A...

...I really wanted to see Joey the Horse...the most amazing puppet ever made.  She thinks so too!
Our visit was too brief...but I missed hubby!:)
Thanks for taking me girl! xo


  1. It was eondefvul to see you again. You both make so much of your time in U.K. You make my head spin

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Is your daughter staying there or moving back home?

  3. What fun! M should start a Story Museum in the states!

  4. Looks like a fun, if not a bit of a whirlwind tour!