Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2nd Finish 3rd Quarter Finish Along....

Gotta be quick...the internet is working for the moment...gotta jump on it while the signal is hot!

Long story short...I made this dress for the girl two October's ago to wear to a wedding....I took a short cut and didn't put in the zipper figuring it would just slip over her head and I just couldn't wrap my head around the directions for the side zipper...even with pattern photos I just wasn't getting it.
 It would not slip over. 
Crap.....out came the scissors and cringing I cut it down the back!  Luckily I had extra fabric and some buttons but it hung forgotten (on purpose) in the closet.  Finish Along to the rescue!!
 Not wanting to deal with interfacings and linings and flanges and buttonholes I put in a zipper.  Not the right kind of zipper since it isn't invisible but....
...the girl loves it...and she can always wear a cardigan to hide it!
Done, done and done!


  1. It looks great, why do we get so fussy when we make things ourselves, bought garments often leave a lot to be desired....wonky hems badly sewn etc. 'M's' dress looks great

  2. Och highly visible zippers are all the rage right now anyway ;o)

  3. I was gonna say what Katy did! Exposed zips are bang on trend - all the trendy sewists are doing it. I shit you not!! Very nice bit of dressmaking, missus.