Sunday, August 17, 2014

4th Finish and some decisions

 Finally done.  Fourth finish of the third quarter Finish Along 2014.
 It's been almost four years exactly since I pieced this top for Round 7 at Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along!  I think it is glad to be out of the closet!
My pal and co-worker Kathleen did a bang up job with the quilting!
 No way this puppy is ever leaving our house!!
We have gone through a lot of colors thinking about what to paint the house. 
It is already Nantucket Grey but needs refreshing.
 Green was my idea but the kids said we are surrounded by green in nature.  
Yellow... but the farmhouse in front of us is yellow.
From out of no where...purple. Ooooh!:)  So many different purples!  But it was finally narrowed down to the five paint samples clipped in the middle.

If we are doing purple then we are DOING purple!
I know which one is the winner!!;)
The real winner this weekend was our niece. 
Hubby, his sister, our girl and myself helped her move into a new apartment. 
One truck, one car, one load! 
We Rocked it!!


  1. I wanna live in a purple house!!!

  2. How did you convince your husband to go along with the purple house? Which one are you going with? The quilt looks great. And I remember the day when all my possessions would fit in one pick up truck but no more!

  3. The rich purple at the bottom right! We considered purple for our place but we will probably go with turquoise or a light royal blue.
    And your trip to England looked totally fab! Am feeling jealous.