Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I made a gear...and quilted a waistcoat!

A vest really but it was made for someone in England so we'll call it a waistcoat!
Third finish of third quarter Finish Along 2014....Yeah!!

Mom....can you make a vest for a friend?
Can you quilt it?
Can you put a gear on it?
Can you put a pocket inside?
Can you put a Christmas tree with a star on it like I made for the tree at The Story Museum?
Why yes daughter...yes I can.
Found a gear drawing online.
Did a bit of paper piecing.
 A little basting.
Appliqued a few circles and a gear is made.
 Free pieced a tree and embroidered the star.  Found a pattern and some fabric she approved.
Stitched, appliqued....
Quilted and buttonholed.
 A quilted vest for her friend....creator of The Story Loom...a very Steampunk kinda friend!:)
The girl found the perfect pewter buttons.
It was well received thank heavens!!
ps...I promise the front is quilted with wavy vertical lines. 
No matter how I tried I could not make the quilting show up in a photo!


  1. Awesome waistcoat. Too cool to call a vest. Love the gear and it's placement.

  2. Oh boy Dee you are a super Mom. Gears Christmas trees and quilted.....go yo the top of the class it looks great.

  3. Excellent job! And vests are what you wear in the winter under your clothes to keep you warm, silly ;o)

  4. Woah! I love how nothing phases you. "Sure, I can do that!" - what a great attitude. *g*