Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fifth Finish...3rd Quarter....a Slice of colors!

Remember this fan o'fabric?  Finish Along  #5! Yippee!!
  It's a Moda Splash Slice but I don't think they make them anymore. 
My boss gave it to me. Thanks Carly!! I had the print in my stash!!
Didn't want to chop the triangles so cutting strips of the print and chain stitching away was the name of the game!
 Tried to be random but as you see all the darks are on one side and lights on the other. 
So much for random.
Used straight lines for quilting but did it in quarters so it wasn't such a big deal pulling it through my machine!
Oh...and I made another dance floor.... a wee one!:)



  1. Oh wow, the print as sashing is inspired!! And how teeny is that dance floor piecing?!

  2. love the color and use of the print. What a yummy quilt.

  3. 5?! Show off ;o) Loving the teeny dance floor

  4. Goodness, I think that might be my favourite quilt of yours ever!

  5. Love that quilt, and you can do 'small' the pincushion is cute. Where are you taking those photos? That cabin in the background looks great as a holiday cabin, please don't tell me it for keeping your tools in!!!,

    1. It's not a's a little quilt!:)

      Took the photos at my parents place. That's the workshop my hubby made for my dad. I want it!

  6. Love it Dee! It's such a beautiful quilt and a lovely backdrop. Oh how I miss green!!!

  7. Love the triangle quilt, but the palm quilt is amazing!

  8. Love those colors in your beautiful triangle quilt, and the wee bitty palm quilt is adorable!

  9. Dolores I like the fabrics, the design and I LOVE your quilting on this one. Total Awesomeness!!

  10. I love your quilts but also looking around your beautiful place!!!