Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Fun Day at Work...

The first thing we do at work is fill orders. I love that job, it is so fun to see what everyone is buying around the world and I do mean around the world because Webfabrics ships everywhere!! Well, the first order I was given was a rainbow bundle of batiks. We didn't have any more so I had to make one....of course while making one I had to make five more so we would have them in the shop! Needless to say I worked on that one order all morning.....

....but it was sooooo much fun!
Happiness in a rainbow bundle
of batiks!!:)
Here's a look at my lastest mini...this one is 6"-11" made for my partner Naomi in the Mini QT Swap....that's a new name, it was called the 6"-12"mini quilt trading swap...a bit of a mouthful so they changed it....get it? "QT"....cutie!;)
But I think I'll be resting my sewing hands for a few days....did some pruning for the first time this year...didn't wear gloves.


  1. oooh Dee :( Rest those fingers!! You need 'em for all your pretty quilting!

  2. Ouch! That looks (is!) sore! I recently cut the dog's hair with scissors before clipping him (the matted bits got out of hand) and have the same on my thumb and finger.. Mine are nearly healed now, hope yours do quickly too!

    Love the rainbows, isn't it great to play with fabrics? (AND get paid for it too.. lucky ducky...:-)

  3. poor little piggies. wear gloves girlie. your mini quiltie is so sweet. can't wait for Sat.

  4. Owowow! Poor wee fingers! I love those rainbow batiks, though!

  5. love the rainbow brights too - lucky you playing with fabric - isnt it fun?

  6. oooh, ouch! But I love the rainbow batik bundles - my favourite colour, all of them!