Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Sewing Machine has been Happy and so has my Mailbox!

Slate is happy too!
My mailbox is happy because I received a package from my pal Marguerite in England...I won her generous giveaway and this is my looty!! I plan on using the panel in my next quilt and the bookmark is already in my latest read! Thanks Marg!! xoxo :)

This is why my sewing machine is happy...
Last month I started working at Webfabrics and I like to keep a pen and wee notebook with a cutting measurement cheatsheet so when I, for example, cut 1/3 of a yard of fabric I know I need cut 12" and to put .333 on the label. I didn't like keeping these in my pockets so I decided to make myself an apron. I bought some Authentic canvas and cut up an old pair of Don's Levis for pockets and now I'm like a mama kangaroo with plenty of pocket space for everything. I have enough fabric leftover to make myself a bag....that will save me from buying one!;)

I also finished my Pac-Man called because some of the big circles look like Pac-Man eating the little circles. This quilt is Round 4 of the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along and was lead by the lovely and talented Heidi.

This is the back, used two of the squares I didn't use on the front here. The binding is a lovely green flower....

...that goes with the little bit of green on some of the appliqued can just see a bit here.

This is a better photo...Slate is pointing to the bit of green on the quilt. He is helpful like that!:) My first foray into the world of applique wasn't too if I muster up the courage to try paper piecing!;o

But for now it is time for Round 5....


  1. your apron is wonderful. did you use a pattern or design it yourself?

  2. Look at all this fun stuff! Your quilt turned out wonderful and the apron is awesome. And nothing beats parcels from England in the post box. :)

  3. Your pinnie is fabulous!!! Do you collect pins? There's some cuties on your wee pocket. The Pacman affair is brill(Slate likes it,eh? Better watch him - it'll be in his basket before you can blink!!) how did you quilt it? And isn't Marg a sweetie. Lucky you, lady!

  4. Wonderful! All of it! You got so much done. Be proud.

  5. You know I have to comment on that apron and why you are putting me through the torture of having to make one myself and yes, I will be thankful when I finally do complete it, and blah blah blah.

    But seriously. LOVE the apron. Love that you used Don's old jeans and love the reuse of his pocket. So flippin' cute! Now you might be requested to make one for all the ladies at Webfabrics, that is if they don't already have their own.

  6. Love that apron - great fabric! I just got the backing fabric for my circle quilt so maybe I can finish it up this weekend.

  7. The quilt is gorgeous and I love the way you have made that apron. You are so clever! Glad the parcel arrived and you are happy with it. Happy sewing!

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments all!:) xoxo

    Anklebiters...I traced the apron of one of my coworkers to get the general outline and the rest I just winged it!:)