Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Came, We Saw, We Shopped!!

Morning….early morning….5:30 AM early morning…I was out on the road to meet up with Dena and then head up to Lancaster, PA for the AQS show and our first meeting with Heidi and Tracy…new pals from the ORBC.

Sending out our love and appreciation for Dana and the whole Old Red Barn Co. Quilt-Along community because without ORBC we wouldn't have been here together enjoying some extraordinary stitching and of course...fabric shopping!
It was amazing...just like when I met Dena for the first time, meeting H and T was like meeting up with old friends, no awkwardness or embarrassed babbling...just four old pals getting together to see some amazing quilts and hopefully get some new ideas.

Tracy and I showed the proper tummy rubbing technique on Little "E" and whizzed through the convention room OOooooing and Ahhhaaaing all over the place....then onto the real reason we were here....fabric shopping!
After the quilt show we went to Intercourse, PA to continue the fabric shopping mania but first we needed to refuel so we went to Stolzfus Meats Deli for some fortification and then off to Zook's Fabric, The Old Country Store and several other shops.
A Quilter's favorite word "SALE"!!;)

Tracy and Heidi doing their best Vanna White impression!
My haul.... Flat folds $2.29 per yard+ off the bolt $3.49 per yard+ Kona solids $3.59 per yard= 38 yards of fabric for less than $3.oo per yard and Happiness!!
Dena, Tracy and Heidi....thanks for a fantastic day of fun, friendship and fabric! <3 :)
I still think Dena's idea of a ORBC retreat is an idea that needs to be cultivated!! Who agrees with me?:)

And to top it all off...Dena and I arrived back in time for me to see the West Virgiania Mountaineers beat Kentucky to make it into the Final 4 for the first time in 51 years....since Jerry West was on the team...and would you believe his son Jonnie is a member of the team!:) Sounds like a good luck charm to me!:)



  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the fun! It made me smile just looking at it all the pictures and reading about your experiences.

  2. Oh, lovely day, Dee! I'm so glad you all had fun together! Nice fabric haul, too.

    Thanks for the photos, it's nice to feel included!

    Congrats, too, on your team!

  3. What a fun day! Hope you gave Heidi a tummy rub from all of us!!

  4. Oh dear, I thought I had already made a comment, but alas it seems to have disappeared, so must start again. Wanted to say it was really good to see you all together and enjoying yourselves. What wonderful bargins you seem to have claimed, waiting to see what happens to them. Thanks for leting us know how you all got on.

  5. It looks like you all had a great time. You found some great fabric deals $3.oo and under a yard is amazing. I think an ORBC Retreat would be great fun.

  6. D- you did the day justice. Great post. I'll be getting to mine store first. UGH!

  7. I am soooo jealous. In fact, I had to buy some Flora and Fauna from Fabric Shack so I could feel like I participated. ;0]

  8. I am SOOOO for a retreat! Looks like you guys had SO much fun! All the goodies....dang....I'm jealous here. :)

  9. Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! I am soooo there :) Need more vitamin 'D', snicker, in my diet. I loved meeting up with you and Dena. I miss you two already.

    You know, it must have been the tummy rubbing that was good luck for the Mountaineers. That will teach Kentucky ;p

  10. I can see one HUGE advantage about stashing fabric rather than fleece (for spinning yarn). If three mates and me went off to buy fleece, that whole van would be full and only the driver would be able to get home....
    Sounds like you guys had a great day out and got lots of goodies :-) So jealous!