Monday, March 1, 2010

"Just Dandy"

"Just Dandy" by Ruth Powers of Carbondale, KS (41"x41") of my favorites.

The weekend didn't start out that great (see past post) but Saturday morning dawned clear and full of potenial. My mom, sister and I went to our first quilt show in Hampton, VA. I was basically overwhelmed. I didn't really know what to expect...and I was not disappointed!:)

What made this show extra exciting was the fact that the quilt shop where I work was one of the vendors. Carly was kind enough to give me a pass and the first thing we did on entering the show was go see Webfabrics' setup. WOW!

Talk about impressive! Carly has these wonderful black metal shelving units, the tops were filled with 1/2 yard and FQ bundles, the bottoms were covered with baskets filled with yard cuts of basics, blenders and collections. I was in awe! Especially since I knew Carly brought all that down in a very large van!:)

And every time we walked by the Webfabrics spot it was always crowded with very happy customers and a very happy Carly and Nancy, Carly's helper extraordinaire! That's them above the K. Fasset sign, helping their adoring customers!:)
But the best part of the weekend, other than being with my mom and sister at our first quilt show, was meeting Greta (Gretters_h on the ORBC Flickr group) and her parents! Dana...look how many people your quilt-along has brought together! Greta's dad was nice enough to drive us all to lunch...lucky man with all those women...or should I say brave?!:)

We all chatted and got to know each other a bit and yes can call me Dee!:) Greta gave me a lovely gift you see it there on the left...can you believe that paint-by-numbers fabric? Awesome!!:) And Meadow Sweet....I know a certain store that has some of that very I have an excuse to buy some!!:) And my sweet mom bought me a couple of quilt pins for my soon to be made apron for work....I need the pockets!:) It was such a fun day! Thanks all!!

Sunday was extra special too because my husband and I headed to Richmond to spend the afternoon with our son. Sure do miss that kid!:) When we got back home I made this little quilt from some Moda Marbles and Mate Dots (10"x 12") to hang on this cool magnetic quilt hanger we have at work....sure hope Carly likes it!:)

And the tomato
cherry tree is still
going strong!!


  1. Sounds like it became a fun weekend!
    Sorry to hear about Smokey.

  2. You made a quilt when you got home. What are you wonder woman? All I wanted to do was take a nap.

  3. I knew you'd have a great time! SO nice to see the photo of you and Gretters too! Hi Greta!!

    Just as if we've all met in person... lovely to see, thanks for posting it!

  4. What fun! I wish I could have been there.

    How much snow is left?

    I am jealous of your fresh tomatoes!