Saturday, March 13, 2010

Never Was a Mailbox So Stuffed!

This was a most delightful day for checking the mailbox. It was stuffed to the gills not only with six, yes six, credit card offers, several bills and two local newspapers but also with two lovely packages. One for me and one for Maria!

My package was from Kate who was my secret partner in the Doll Quilt Swap 8 and some fantastic extras...stay away from my notecards Maria! This wee quilt (18"square) is not to be believed, the colors, the textures, the quilting, the curved binding all done to perfection and it is already hanging in my bedroom! Thanks sooo much Kate!!
Maria's package was from the ever adorable Lynz and her Chookie. I will let Maria tell what she heartfelt and perfect Lynz and perfect! But also in this package was a gift for me! Chocolate bunnies and a Loud Shouty Mummy Mix cd!!:) quilting music...and that is an empty wrapper...Yum! THANKSSSSSSS!!

In Lynz's last post she has lovely photos of her home all spiffy and ready for Easter...I got to feeling guilty because I haven't put anything out so I dug into the dark recesses of our closet and pulled out a few things. James made the paper egg at the top of the tree in '92!! My only other concession to Spring is replacing the dark handtowels over our glasses and spices with pastel plaid ones. See the cookie jar with the yellow lid and blue truck? Don and I bought that a week after we were married. I treasure it!;)

Not only am I receiving wonderful packages I am sending things too. I made 9 of these itty bitty squares for the 6"-12" mini trading swap. This group swaps out mini quilts and 3.5" squares once a month. You can sign up every month or once in a pressure!:)
This month nine people signed up for the Spring Fling 3.5" swap and we all agreed to make one for everyone then when we have all of our squares we can make a mini sampler quilt. Great idea!!
In that same swap I signed up for the 6"-12" mini quilt. You are given a partner and it isn't a secret this time. But I don't want her to see what she is getting her mini is peeking out from the other three I made just for fun!:) I don't know if you can see from the photo but the centers are x-stitched. I love making small stuff!

Well, the snows are finally melting...because now it is raining!! But that's ok, we can finally see the daffodils poking out their green shoots.
And when it rains....kitties get cozy and snooze!


  1. How do you find so much time in the day. You have so many projects going on.

  2. What a pretty doll quilt!! Lucky duck. I do love those tiny blocks you make (Greta, I think she has a time machine!) and glad you liked the bunny lady!!

  3. I love your doll quilt, it certainly looks a work of art, and you are surely the person to treasure it. I also love your Easter bits and pieces. Decorating for Easter is not a thing here, but I do see more in the shops, so maybe in a couple of years we will be joining in. The idea of your small quilt swaps is great, and am off now to see what goes on there.

  4. LOVE the use of your Spoonflower fabrics! I am sorry I missed that mini block swap ... a little sampler made from blocks from other people is such a great idea!

  5. Isn't it lovely to get a parcel?
    Cute little squares! Very cute. Wish my sewing area was set up.
    Glad to hear the snow is melting and the daffies are up. I hope your mud season is short lived!